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Diverse team of professional process servers from Supreme Judicial Service carrying out their legal duties in New York


Supreme Judicial Services, a veteran in the field of process serving since 1982, is dedicated to providing exceptional and swift service of process exclusively to attorneys, firms, and including services to the Secretary of State. Known for our reliability and professionalism, we excel in delivering legal documents effectively throughout New York and nationwide, setting us apart as a leading national process server.

Our services are essential to the legal community, encompassing serving legal documents such as summonses, civil actions, writs, and documents related to the Secretary of State, just to name a few. These crucial documents are served by a third party - a professional process server - not involved in the case or action. It's not just about the service of process; it's about doing it correctly, quickly, and professionally.

As trusted process server experts, we specialize in handling situations that require immediate attention, even same-day requests! We tackle those 'difficult to serve' papers with efficiency and dedication. Our seamless operations, backed by a dedicated team of process servers, ensure unparalleled service quality that will leave you impressed.

Covering the expanse of the five boroughs – Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan [NYC], Staten Island – and further afield to Long Island [Nassau County & Suffolk County], Westchester, and greater New York State, our professional process servers ensure your documents reach their destinations. Our reach extends beyond state borders, providing national process services across the country. So, whether you need a process server in Queens, a Manhattan process server, or services related to the Secretary of State, you're in the right place with Supreme Judicial Services.

As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded legal process service, we provide peace of mind that your documents are in safe and professional hands. Our supreme reputation is built on our commitment to our clients, ensuring every civil process service, national service, and document retrieval process server task is performed with utmost precision and diligence.

When the time comes to find a process server, choose Supreme Judicial Services. We embody the qualities you need in a trusted legal partner – professional, reliable, and efficient. For your process serving needs, call us today!

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